BMW is doing its part to help “offer reliable access to pubic charging” says Dr. Ulrich Quay.

Quay is the head of the BMW venture-capital fund that recently invested in the Coulomb Technologies which operates the largest online global network of EV charging stations.  This investment is an effort on BMW’s part to help promote the number of ActiveE cars and to strengthen BMW’s position in advance of launching the carbon-fiber i3 city car expected in 2013.

The historic trend summary (1992–2010) shows a total of 541 electric charging locations by 2010 which had been still lower than the peak count of 873 charging locations in 2002. Up to October 2011 the total count of electric charge points had increased to 3394.


The BMW i3 Electric Vehicle

As a leading manufacturer in sustainable vehicles, BMW is introducing the BMW i3 next year as their first mass-produced electric car.  The car is the result of meticulous research and design by BMW engineers to redesign the electric car in an innovative and efficient way.  Efficiency not just in on-the-road performance, but a total commitment from production forward.  BMW sources raw materials from recycled materials or materials produced with renewable energy for aluminum and plastic elements.  Carbon fiber pieces are made from components manufactured with hydro power.  Furthermore, BMW produces the i3 in a plant that runs on 100% renewable energy and features natural lighting.

The BMW i3 does its part to minimize its environmental impact in a few different ways.  Most notably, it runs on an electric motor versus a combustion engine.  Its lightweight design also makes it more fuel efficient giving it a longer range.


History of Sustainable Energy at BMW

BMW first introduced the electric 1602 at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, and the German automotive company has been actively developing electric technology in pursuit of their “electro-mobility concept” ever since.  Recently, BMW has conducted many field tests of different iterations of EV models in order to ensure they get it right. In the development of the ActiveE, the company studied the performance of their MINI E, a 100 percent electric two-seater. During field tests, engineers studied multiple aspects of the performance, including the impact of the range of the car, how people behave when they drive it, and how they use the EV infrastructure to recharge their vehicle. The company then took the information ascertained from those tests and applied it to the i3.

The BMW i3 is due for release in 2013. Drivers can learn more about BMW’s green technology at BMW North Scottsdale, in Phoenix, AZ.  From the electric i3 to clean diesel vehicles, to hybrid technology, BMW is committed to providing a more fuel efficient driving experience for drivers across the world.


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