Anthony Soave took an unlikely turn with Soave Enterprises when he made the decision to invest in tomato production.  This choice is a great example of Tony Soave’s ability and instinct for great people and business.  He recognized a niche that he knew would perform well and that he could help grow.

Seizing an OpportunitySeedlings

Although Anthony Soave had no experience with the tomato business prior to this new venture, he did have a knack for building strong partnerships and trust that his team and partners would follow through to success.

Under the leadership of Guido Van Het Hof, a 50-acre hydroponics greenhouse located in Kingsville, Ontario has blossomed into a 64-acre facility that produces 25 million pounds of tomatoes each year.

The facility features many advanced technologies, including its own tri-generation process.  It is the only facility in Ontario to implement special lighting to extend the growing season from nine to twelve months.  The Ontario greenhouse is also the first of its kind in North America.  While many business owners would not care for the idea of a power plant being built next door to their company, Great Northern Hydroponics (an affiliate of Anthony Soave’s parent-company Soave Enterprises) saw instead a unique environmental opportunity.

The facility features advanced tri-generation technology which means it burns natural gas to generate heat, electricity, and CO2, creating a useful power cycle.  The greenhouse is built to act as a cooling unit for the engines of the power plant located next door, which transmits energy to over 5,000 homes in the surrounding Ontario community.  The CO2 produced is used as organic fertilizer for the tomato crops.  Additionally, thermal energy from the power plant engines will be stored in hot water tanks and deployed to heat the greenhouse.

Recognizing and Sustaining Value

Anthony Soave shares that he became interested in the opportunity when he heard how well these particular tomatoes were selling.  Coming from a family grocery background, Soave recognized the value of a great product and jumped at the chance to get involved.

During this time, the main source for tomatoes was the Netherlands.  As a Canada-based facility, Great Northern Hydroponics could more effectively meet the U.S. demand.  Today, they serve customers such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Costco.

Soave shares that he has always like to grow things.  Whether it is growing a plant or growing a business, he knows what it takes to help something thrive.  No matter what he is building, growing, or creating, Anthony Soave applies an impeccable work ethic and lots of care.

“I am very proud of the work we have done at Great Northern Hydroponics, and truly feel we are helping to raise the standard for the entire industry, by keeping our focus on quality and customer satisfaction,” shares Soave.

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