Soave affiliate, Go Frac, offers one and three day intensive training courses for oil and gas industry professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Flow. Soave Enterprises

Soave Enterprises manages an extensive array of diverse businesses including Go Frac, a gas and oil service company.  In today’s oil and gas producing environment, Hydraulic Fracturing plays a major role in enhancing petroleum reserves and daily production, but without a complete understanding of the essential technical aspects of both Reservoir Flow and Hydraulic Fracturing, most wells never reach their full producing capability due to factors stemming from fracture damage and improper design techniques.

To help industry professionals maximize well producing capabilities, Soave affiliate, Go Frac, is now offering one and three day intensive training seminars to provide in-depth training and information regarding Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Flow.

Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Flow Seminars

The GoFrac Hydraulic Fracturing Seminar consists of a three day course which is designed for drilling, completion, production engineers and geologists, well-site supervisors, and managers, who desire a comprehensive and integral knowledge of both technical disciplines. The seminar concentrates on providing the student with a comprehensive knowledge of hydraulic fracturing mechanics, design, and analysis. In addition, GoFrac offers a one day course which covers an abbreviated agenda.

–          Petroleum Engineering Consulting specializing in Completion Design, Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidizing Stimulation Design, On-Site Supervision, and Post-Stimulation Evaluation.

–          Recognized industry experts in Fractured Shale completions and hydraulic fracturing

–          Pre-fracture Injection Pump-In and Fall-off engineering design and interpretation

–          Post-Fracture Production Data Analysis Including Future Projections of Phase Producing Rates and Estimated Ultimate Recoveries

–          Field Consulting Services for Completions and Workovers

–          Reservoir Simulation

–          Industry Training and Petroleum Engineering Seminars

About Go Frac LLC and Soave Enterprises

GoFrac was founded in 2011 as a joint effort by The Crawford Group, Soave Enterprises, and Frank Autry, an extremely experienced and highly respected individual in the gas/oil industry. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and has districts located in the centers of major oil/gas plays around the country. They are a trusted provider for oil/gas services currently focused on well stimulation through hydraulic fracturing. At GoFrac, employees follow the same goal as every Soave Enterprises affiliate – to always be customer-focused, service oriented, and know that “every job and every stage matters.”

GoFrac serves natural gas and oil companies who need hydraulic stimulation for fracturing shale plays. They currently offer slick-water, acid, and gel (both linear and cross-link) fracturing techniques that help maximize output. Unlike others in the industry, GoFrac maintains state-of-the-art equipment backed by an extremely knowledgeable and highly-trained staff with decades of experience. Go Frac’s fracturing techniques are at the cutting edge of technology and help ensure that each project delivers maximum output and profits.

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