Soave Enterprises’ affiliate MPS Group delivers reliable professional expertise backed by value-based business practices and integrity. 

Soave Enterprises provides exceptional professional services within a diverse array of industries.  When it comes to managed professional services, Soave Enterprises supports and employs the latest technologies, quality processes, and innovative management techniques at MPS Group.  MPS Group is a managed professional services company whose solid core of business consists of innovative, single and bundled industrial services marketed and sold directly to clients to help them grow while improving their ROI.

Experts Proactively Address Client Needs

MPS Group offers clients a unique menu of complementary services, all created, coordinated, and managed with each individual client’s needs in mind.  MPS Group’s extensive background in industrial services affords it the opportunity to utilize best management practices to help clients control the cost of managing their unique industrial service needs.

At MPS Group, experts are results-oriented and take pride in identifying opportunities for positive change, preventing potential problems before they occur and addressing and resolving challenges as they occur.  MPS Group intensively manages of contract to provide customers with the lowest possible life-cycle cost.   Backed by proven processes and ISO compliant systems, MPS Group consistently drives permanent improvements throughout the entire value chain.  Ultimately by putting innovative practices to work, MPS Group provides clients the freedom to focus on what they do best, growing their core business.

Commitment to High-Value Delivery

Soave Enterprises and MPS Group believe in the intrinsic value of personal and financial reward in providing cutting-edge services that offer customers the highest possible value.  This driving ideal is the reason both companies consistently provide the latest, best-in-class quality practices that deliver a genuine competitive advantage for clients.  MPS delivers the newest technologies, systems, support, experience and, most importantly, the people who can keep client operations running efficiently to enable clients to be more competitive in the marketplace.

Furthermore, Soave Enterprises and MPS Group are committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations.  Employees adhere to the MPS Group policy on Business Conduct and related policies.  All of the employees at MPS Group are dedicated to creating and maintaining a professional work environment that actively fosters ethical decision-making, fairness, integrity, respect, and loyalty.

“As a service-based company, we have to earn our business everyday via superlative performance,” says MPS Group President, Ed Schwartz.  “All of our employees are dedicated to making that happen for every client each and every day.”

Ultimately, the most valuable asset at Soave Enterprises is each company’s outstanding reputation, and MPS Group works diligently to build and protect it.

About Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises

Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony Soave that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures in the real estate, automotive retailing, beer distribution, scrap metal, industrial services and transportation industries, among others.  The MPS Group is a managed professional services company based in Detroit, Michigan.  For more information on Tony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit

Soave Enterprises

3400 E Lafayette

Detroit, MI 48207