Anthony Soave Appreciates Old and New at Soave Enterprises

Anthony Soave takes time to appreciate both the old and new aspects of life and business.  He understands that without each, growth and improvement can be difficult to come by.  In a late issue of Soave Enterprises’ Spectrum newsletter to employees, Anthony Soave shares the following insight and encouragement that is applicable both to life and to business:


Often, if you look around our communities, there still exist the old, persistent challenges – the threats of recession, the aging infrastructure, the healthcare crisis, the politics, and the poor. Yet, each day you also see new developments, new ideas, new leaders and new success stories – the signs of prosperity and hopefulness that keep us focused on what’s possible.


Looking to our own organization (Soave Enterprises), there are many areas where the old and the new come together for exciting and inspiring results. By example, one of our newest condominium developments is in northern Phoenix – an older, yet increasingly vibrant, area in need of in-fill properties. Here, between the Phoenix Museum of Arts and the Phoenix Public Library, The Museum Towers will offer high-rise urban resort living to over 600 owners.


At the Soave Enterprises affiliate, MPS Group, an old friend and long-time member of our Board of Directors, Charlie Williams, executes his role as President and CEO of this quickly growing company. We have every confidence that this talented team will continue to thrive. In Ontario, a new way of looking at an old problem has resulted in the feeding of thousands of people. Instead of being recycled as organic fertilizer, hundreds of thousands of slightly imperfect tomatoes grown by Great Northern Hydroponics are now shipped to soup kitchens and food banks across our area.


In addition, there are hundreds of examples within Soave Enterprises where our oldest customers have benefited from our newest innovations. There are countless times when our older, more seasoned employees have mentored and guided the new.


One thing is sure. At Soave Enterprises, when our old problems and challenges are successfully met by new ideas and solutions, there is always one consistent force at play – our creative, talented and hard-working employees. And this “old” Chairman is newly inspired by you each and every day.


Anthony Soave Leading the Way at Soave Enterprises


Anthony Soave encourages each of his employees at Soave Enterprises to approach their responsibilities with an open and innovative mindset.  By appreciating the experience of the past and opportunities of the future, Soave employees can grow and succeed in new ways each day.  Whether it is by incorporating new technology within the metal recycling industry, building uniquely welcoming residential communities, or exploring more fuel efficient vehicles like the smart car, Soave Enterprises is setting higher standards within each of its diverse industries.


Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony Soave that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures in the real estate, automotive retailing, beer distribution, scrap metal, industrial services and transportation industries, among others.  Soave Enterprises continues grow and expand as it searches for new innovative opportunities within each diverse industry.  For more information on Tony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit


Soave Enterprises

3400 E Lafayette

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