Recently I was looking to find the Abba singing groups website. Of course my first instinct was to type in in my browser.

What do you think came up? It certainly wasn’t the singing group’s website, but rather The American Bed and Breakfast Association (we’ll call them the “breakfast folks” for the rest of this article). I was shocked. How is it possible that some this organization would have the domain name for the most popular group in history?

Needless to say I had no choice but to do a search for Abba to find their website. As it turns out their website address is At this point I didn’t have a choice, but to check all three major search engines to see what would come up. At Yahoo and Bing, the “breakfast folks” don’t come up on the first page. At Google they show up at the bottom, which is good. I would hate to have the “breakfast folks” show up for a search for the brand of such a popular group.

The next question that comes to mind, is how the heck did the “breakfast folks” get the Abba domain name? Well at first I couldn’t help but assume the price wasn’t right to them. Further investigation shows that the domain name was on 23-jul-1998. Whereas was registered 21 Nov 1999. Hmm….certainly puzzling why the group didn’t grab their own domain name when they first registered. Of course if I were the “breakfast folks” I would certainly grab the domain name that matches my organization if it is available!

Can’t fault the “breakfast folks” for registering the domain name under the circumstances of this information. Not sure if there is anything else out there that may further explain why Abba, the singing group, didn’t get their own domain name. Anyone have any thoughts?

The partially good news is that Abba’s website has a Alexa Traffic Rank of 310,000 vs. the “breakfast folks” have their traffic rank at 1.5 million. This would indicate the “breakfast folks” are not completely stealing the traffic from the singing group, although, we can’t help wonder if their bounce rate is higher than 50%.

As an Internet Marketing company we cannot help but identify these type of branding issues on the web and raise the question. Certain Abba, the singing group’s brand, is much more popular that the “breakfast folks”. You will notice we didn’t not link back to them, but only to ABBA!

p.s. the tags used in this article were obtained directly from the meta keywords of both websites.