Mobile Locations Finder

Mobile Locations Finder is a mobile web application that you can private label to bring customers to your local business office, building, store or franchise locations.  The Mobile Locations Finder web app is branded to your business to include your locations around the world.  Data for each individual office, building, store or franchise location is conveniently managed within the web app.

Web applications are an excellent way for your customers to connect with you, provide convenient services and information no matter where they are. The benefit of a web app comes from not being distributed through traditional app distribution sites such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. Rather, web applications are accessed via the Internet so they can easily be updated and maintained at any time.

To use a web app, users simply download the app to their mobile device home page so they can instantly access the app any time they need as any other mobile app they may have on their mobile device.

Web apps are popular due to the cross web browsers capabilities and the convenience of using a web browser absent additional programming. The ability to update and maintain web apps without having to distribute and install mobile app software on mobile devices is a key reason for their popularity. Additionally web apps are inherent support for cross-platform compatibility.

Mobile Locations Finder Summary Features

Mobile Locations Finder Web AppThe mobile locations finder web app can be featured on your company website, and is easy for your customers to bookmark directly to their mobile device for frequent use.

The Mobile Locations Finder will:

  • Show your customers where they are on a map
  • Locate they closest store or franchise location for your business
  • Provide a simple click-to-call button
  • Promote individual locations with relevant specials and coupons
  • Let people share with their friends on Facebook

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