Marketing Processes and Syndication Tasks

In today’s modern era, web marketing is essentially information marketing or information marketing management.  Basically, you as a company have specific information you need to manage in order to relay it to your customers to build brand awareness and generate quality leads and sales.  At SmartFinds, we keep up with the changing technologies and understand how to leverage local web marketing strategies to effectively manage your stores’ information to help them succeed in their local markets.

Local Business Syndication Marketing

This is convergence of a local multi-channel marketing strategy using multiple location based marketing channels, which including location information syndication throughout the web. To market the business office, store, or franchise location using local business listings, it is necessary to have the correct information available to the local customers. This includes, but not limited to, optimizing business directories with the most current and engaging information, checking business listings for accuracy, identifying any duplicate business listings, deleting obsolete business listings for closed locations, building citations to validate the location, engaging in location based social media marketing, and more.

Information Syndication and Citation Marketing

Citation Marketing

Managing your citation to validate a location is a strategic marketing process to create high-quality citations throughout the Internet which will increase your search engine keyword ranking for visibility to the local customers. The process is about building a large network of web citations from authoritative websites to increase your online presence and help search engines identify and validate each local business, building, store or franchise location. The process is considered information syndication marketing, which is about managing and monitoring the information being distributed around the web.

An important aspect of information syndication marketing management for individual stores and franchise locations is the marketing process.  We take your basic company information (address, phone, email, logo, web address, description, keywords, photos, videos and more) and push that out to over 200 different databases to make sure they have accurate information for all of your individual stores across the country.

With over two hundred online databases and more springing up every day, it is very important to manage the data on all of these websites because each different website provides an online citation for your website.  When search engines find your location information on other reputable and relevant sites, it helps improve your rankings and validate the information for each of your business locations or franchise locations.  Our digital marketing specialists research your situation, identify sites that will provide you with the best results, and get your listings cited.

While there are many combinations of services that insure a full Geographic Web Marketing program, we invite you to take a look at some of these local marketing tools.

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