Local Marketing Tools: Reaching The Local Customer

The search results have turned into a great local business marketing tool over the past few years. While multi-location national businesses have not yet adopted these tools into their marketing strategies, the technologies are moving forward with or without them. The convergence of Search, Social Media and Mobile Marketing is bringing business information with products and services into the hands of the local consumers.

Marketing to local customers includes being visible to them through mobile searches while they are around town. As the usage of mobile devices grows, there will be a greater need for businesses to includes local marketing strategies on the web. The search results are effectively requiring businesses to manage their marketing and advertising at the local office, store or franchise level. National or regional marketing tools will be more supportive rather than primary strategies.

Local Marketing Tools and Strategies

To effectively market individual store and franchise locations to their local market, we use the following marketing and syndication processes and tools:

Smartfinds Marketing City Map Mobile MarketingLocal Business Listing Marketing
This is a culmination of your multi-channel local marketing strategy. To market your local business listings, we use every available resource. This includes optimizing online directories with the most current and engaging information, checking listings for accuracy, identifying duplicate listings, deleting obsolete listings for closed locations, building online citations, engaging in geo-social promotions, utilizing the mobile locations finder app and more.

Citation Marketing
Our specialists will manage your citation process to create high-quality citations online which will increase your Google search ranking. We work to build a large network of online citations from authoritative websites to increase your online presence and help search engines identify and validate each local store or franchise location.

QR Code Marketing
QR codes have been used in consumer advertising to share information. A QR code can be scanned by a smartphone to display useful information such as a website URL. However, the process requires 5 steps to compete and is somewhat cumbersome for users. Consequently, it is not as popular as Google had intended, but is still utilized in print applications such as flyers, direct mailers, in-store marketing, or on product packaging to help companies market specific information to consumers.

NFC Technology
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables a smartphone to share data via a radio communication when brought into close proximity with another NFC device or NFC chip. Currently, NFC technology is only available on android phones. There is great potential for NFC technology to become an effective local marketing tool. Each application enables companies to engage with customers to share company or product information, generate likes on Facebook, gain followers on Twitter, connect on Google+, or provide coupons, videos, photos, and more.

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