Local Business Listings

Local business listings can increase leads and sales for your company – are you taking full advantage of them? To optimize your local business listings, we provide more than just submission or listing services. SmartFinds offers both data management and marketing services to help claim your listings, update them with relevant business marketing information, and monitor and maintain each local business listing to effectively engage online customers.

Businesses need to stop passively watching and actively engaging to market their office, building, store or franchise locally. This is a marketing tool that affects both desktop searches and mobile searches. Customers on the go are looking for the nearest office, store, or franchise location for their searches.

Equally, we need to accept the concept a local business is not a small business. Multi-Location national companies with a local office, building, store or franchise presence are also dependent upon the locations economy for their revenue. After all, all business is local!

There are three important questions to answer for marketing your business office, building, store or franchise locally:

  1. Can your locations be found locally for keyword searches?
  2. Do you have your marketing materials in your business listings?
  3. Do you have at least a 4 out of 5 stars in your customer ratings & reviews?

Local Marketing Process

Geographic Marketing and Syndication ServicesMake It Easy for Customers to Find You

Local business listings help your customers find you and generate leads from new online marketing sources. Local business listings show up in search results, on mobile map results, on mobile searches, and in mobile applications for your stores’ local customers! Many of these mobile searches are done while customers are already out and about, actively searching for your products and services, so it is the optimal time to connect with and engage them!

Claim and Manage Local Listings

To enhance this process, we syndicate information for each individual store or franchise location out to a wide array of business listing websites. We will claim your local business listing at the top ten directories including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Local.com, YellowPages, Insider Pages, and more. Once your listings have been claimed, we update them with relevant keywords, marketing information, photos, videos, coupons, categories, and descriptions for each individual store location or franchise location.

Monitor and Update Local Listings

Once your stores’ local business listings have been claimed and updated, we monitor them to ensure they are performing well in location searches, including your target area the surrounding cities. We also manage and update each listing monthly to reflect and promote your most current information, specials, and promotions.

Marketing Locally Around The World

World Flags Marketing IconSmartFinds Internet Marketing is able marketing your business office, store, or franchise location locally around the world. Our International business marketing capabilities are dependent upon country of the locations and we do update our list regularly.

We provide more than submission or getting listed services. We help Claim (required to use the local listing as a local marketing tool), Update, Maintain and have a progressive path to help you with future International local search marketing services.

Updating and maintaining your international business listings at multiple local listing websites is the answer to turn consumers in the community around the business location searching for you business, products and services into customers around the world!

Please view our list of countries for marketing your business locally around the world.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.