Geographic Marketing and Syndication White Paper

Geographic Marketing and Syndication ServicesGeographic Marketing and Syndication Services encompass two necessary elements in marketing your business office, store, or franchise location to the local surrounding communities:

  • Geographic Marketing services will allow you to use your local business listing to market your business office, store, franchise location locally to surrounding communities as a marketing tool and provide your marketing information to your local customers through web searches and mobile searches.
  • Geographic Syndication services simply push your store information as data into business listing websites. The entire process is automated through programs known as API’s.
  • The combination both Geographic Marketing and Syndication Services increases a businesses ability to reach the local customers from multiple locations, while also providing them marketing information useful to drive visitors to the business office, store or franchise location.

Geographic Marketing Defined

Geographic Marketing is a new method of marketing a business, store or franchise location for multi-location national companies and its website through web searches, mobile searches and social media. The geographic marketing tools being used are digital and through the Internet or Mobile devices.

While the definition of Geographic Marketing is the association of data and maps in the traditional sense, the added convergence of local business listings, mobile marketing, and social media makes this method of marketing more powerful than ever before. This marketing tool is no longer just a small business marketing tool, but is imperative for large multi-location national companies.

White Paper on Geographic Marketing and Syndication

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