Customer Ratings and Reviews White Paper

Customer Ratings and Reviews IconLocal customers are taking customer ratings and reviews they find in local business listings into consideration when searching for businesses locally.

  • Consumer reviews that are posted on local listings are extremely important for a business. Statistics now show that 6 out of 10 consumers rely on the ratings and reviews online to make shopping decisions about whether they want to conduct purchases with the business. This decision is made even before they ever enter the store.
  • Large organizations with multiple stores who are not monitoring the ratings and reviews for each of the local business listings (beyond Google too) could potentially be endangering their brand without their knowledge.
  • Consumers can be your best advocates and positive reviews help the local store’s ranking position in web searches and mobile searches to escalate, attracting more local consumers to that store.

Customer Ratings and Reviews Management

Customer ratings and reviews do show on websites beyond Google, and they can be a challenge to manage all of them, especially if you are are multi-location national business. SmartFinds take this burden on for you and make the process more manageable by providing regular reports and an assessment of brand and location reputation. Our goal is to protect your brand and instill confidence your local customers and prospects.

A recent study at Search Engine Watch explains:

“Consumers seem to be taking online customer reviews into consideration when searching for local businesses, with 85 percent of consumers saying they do read online reviews for local businesses and more than 60 percent reading reviews for restaurants and cafés.”

White Paper on Customer Ratings and Reviews

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