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Claiming Local Business Listings with Pin Code Verification

We have discussed how Local business listings can increase leads and sales for your company.

In order to make this marketing tool work in your favor within your local area and surrounding communities, the first step is to claim the listings at multiple websites. This claiming process is labor intensive and requires securing a pin code from the different websites. Whether it is Google and Bing with post cards or Yelp with a phone call, the process of getting pin code verified has a higher level of security.

Local Business Listing Hijackings and Security

The security of local business listings has been an issue for quite some time. Whether it is Cooper Tires being hijacked in 2011 or hotel local listings being hijacked in 2014, pin code verification can reduce the probability of these issues.

In the case of the local business listing hijackings, the local business listings were not pin code verified. Rather, the businesses either did a bulk upload of their information or a syndication company pushed information out without claiming the listings.

Businesses need to stop passively watching and actively engaging to market their office, building, store or franchise locally. This is a marketing tool that affects both desktop searches and mobile searches. Customers on the go are looking for the nearest office, store, or franchise location for their searches.

Claiming Your Local Business Listing

Claiming Local Business ListingThe Pin Code Verification Process

We will claim your local business listing at the top ten directories including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp,, YellowPages, Insider Pages, and more. Once your listings have been claimed, we update them with relevant keywords, marketing information, photos, videos, coupons, categories, and descriptions for each individual store location or franchise location.

This process requires a combination of post cards being sent by different websites (e.g. Google, Bing) and phone calls (e.g. Yelp). The post card have a pin code in them to use for the verification process. The phone calls are generated by a computer and the pin code is provided over the phone. There is a coordination involved with a local contact at each location not only for the phone calls, but to secure the post cards when they arrive.

Types of Claiming and Verifications

Over the years the process of local business listings, business pages, and social communities have evolved, matured and to some extent made things more complicated. The various methods of claiming and verifying a business listing has many forms that consist of the following at Google:

  • Local Business Listing Pin Code Verification (completed by individual location)
  • Local Business Listing Bulk Upload Verification (claimed into an account with pin code verification)
  • Google+ Business Page Verification (per location)
  • Google+ Business Page (per location) and Local Business Listing (of each location) Merged

Google Local Activity MapAlthough we are using the term traditional term local business listing in this writing, local business listings at Google have been called

  • Google Local Business Center (2007)
  • Google Places (2010)
  • Google+ Local (2012)

Other forms of Google services related to local business listings, also, include:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Map Maker

No matter what the service is called, Google continued changes its offerings each year and businesses need a marketing firm to help guide them through this process.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.

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