Location Marketing Reaching Surrounding Areas

No matter how large your company or brand is, when it comes down to it – all business is local!  When customers need to find specific products or services, they will search for them within the communities where they live and work.  Local marketing takes advantage of this concept by marketing individual stores, offices, and franchise locations locally.

To market a office, store or franchise location on a local level, we target the city it is located in and extend our reach to the surrounding areas in that region.  Part of this process involves syndicating information for each individual store or franchise location out to a wide array of websites and online directories.  The other part involves implementing web marketing strategies to effectively market individual store locations directly to the consumers in those nearby communities.

The local business listings in the search results have given local customers the ability to make a decision very quickly with the star ratings in yellow. Aside from the basic store, office or franchise location information such as business name, address, phone number, telephone number, website link and location on the map, marketing materials can help local customers make a decision quickly as well. Overall the local customers are able to make a decision if they want to call or visit you very quickly, thus putting pressure on businesses to use this marketing channel more seriously.

Marketing Locally White Papers

Smartfinds Marketing White PapersWe have prepared white papers to better explain specific two particular subjects in the world of geographic web marketing. You will learn how combining marketing and technology expertise with our strategic approach can increase the awareness of your local business office, store, or franchise location with measurable results. We combine both strategic marketing processes with technology tasks that includes measurement, analysis and actionable steps for continued improvement.

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