Website Metrics

Website MetricsWebsite metrics is an additional metrics tool along side measurement tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Keyword Ranking reports, we gather data from five other important web tools to get a comprehensive representation of your website’s metrics. We analyze this information and use it to strategize ways to optimize each area to increase your overall search engine rankings and online presence in order to better achieve the objective of your company website.

Types of Website Performance Metrics

These metrics include:

  • Google Page Rank
    Google assigns each website a page rank based on how relevant Google’s algorithm determines a page to be. Google page ranks are affected by multiple indicators including quality inbound links. The rankings run from one to ten with ten being the highest used for websites such as Facebook or
  • Alexa Traffic Rank
    Alexa is a company which provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other traffic information for over 30 million websites. By tracking your website’s Alexa Traffic Rank score monthly, we can monitor the increase in traffic to your website and its relevant ranking to gauge improvement.
  • Number of Web Pages Indexed by Google
    Google ranks website partly based on the number of pages they have (density). We track the total number of pages Google indexes for your website to promote accuracy and growth.
  • Inbound Links
    Inbound links include direct links and keyword links from other websites relevant to a specific keyword or phrase. Search engines use the number of inbound links to a website as a significant factor in determining that website’s ranking. A high volume of inbound links and inbound links from authoritative websites increase your popularity and ranking for relevant topics and keywords.
  • Domain Popularity
    Domain popularity refers to the number of total links pointing to a specific website from referring locations across the web. The higher number the better.

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