Social Media Influence Reports

Social Media InfluenceSocial Media influence is based on utilizing multiple social media analytics tools to determine your company’s breadth of influence and to listen to relevant industry trends within social communities. This helps us determine if people are actually engaging with your brand, discussing your company, products, or services, and what hot topics and industry trends are relevant to your business.

A social community study by marketing professionals at the Pivot Conference shows consumer engagement and brand lift are top of the social ROI checklist. Increased sales, was ranked in fifth place overall, only marginally ahead of improvements in customer support. Monitoring social media influence is part of a multi-channel marketing program that proves its effectiveness and performance when combined.

Types of Social Media Influence Tools

To accomplish this, we utilize two specific resources:

  • Klout
    Klout provides a score between 1 and 100 that represents how influential your brand is within social communities. It monitors your total interactions across multiple social communities including Facebook and Twitter and analyzes the number and quality of responses, likes, comments, and followers you accumulate over time and is ever-evolving.
  • Radian6
    Radian6 is a social monitoring tool that listens to social community discussions to provide insight into hot topics, consume trends, industry hot topics, and buzz around your brand or your competition. This resource enables us to evaluate the reaction to your social media marketing efforts to gain better insight into what your customers are interested in. We use this data to create more engaging content that will boost the quality and effectiveness of your social media interactions.

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