Search Engine Keyword Ranking Position Reports (SERP)

Search Engine Keyword Ranking ReportKeyword ranking reports provide insight regarding the number of keywords your website is ranked for. The more keywords you are ranked for, the higher search ranking you will receive from search engines like Google. In general, keyword ranking is now managed by city for both website rankings and local business listing rankings.

To optimize keyword rankings, we target specific terms that are most relevant to your customers’ online searches and optimize your website and your local business listings for those keywords within a specific geographic location.

Types of Ranking Reports

There are two different versions of keyword ranking reports:

  • Ranking your website for keywords by city
    Google has gone through a long history of changes regarding the way websites are ranked for keywords. Currently, the focus is on local searches, so the reports now list keyword ranks according to a specific geographic area such as a city.We partner with you to target specific geographic locations relevant to your business to ensure that you are ranked in the top ten for each targeted keyword within that specific locale.
  • Keyword rankings for local business listings
    The keyword ranking process is also managed by city for each local business listing. We work to optimize your local business listings within each of their corresponding city locations and extend this to the surrounding areas as well. For example, if you have a store or franchise location in Chicago, we optimize the keyword rankings of that local business listing for Chicago and the outer communities.

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