Measuring, Analysis and Interpretation of Results

smartfinds-marketing-analytics-measuringThe key to accurately measuring data is the interpretation aspect – what does it all mean?  We take the time to communicate your reporting results in a clear and understandable way so you know what each one really means to your company.  We include the good news and the bad so we can recognize what is working and determine what is not in order to optimize positive efforts and make necessary adjustments to minimize negative results.

Website performance statistics includes the collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of website data. This will include website visitors, website diagnostics, and website marketing performance out on the Internet at large.

Bringing together the results from multiple data sources and organizing the information requires a problem solving ability. Web marketing in general is in part a problem solving process when it comes to interpreting the results to determine how performance can be improved.

Communicating the Marketing Process

During the Analytics process we:

  • Measure relevant data based on the research strategy and web marketing plan
  • Compile data into on-going reports
  • Analyze the data from multiple reports
  • Interpret the results
  • Communicate results to you in review meetings
  • Strategize ways to continue successes and improve weaknesses with you
  • Create action steps together to implement the new strategy

We meet directly with clients to explain every aspect of the analytics reports so you understand what the numbers are and what they mean to your company and your ongoing web marketing strategy.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific analytics needs.