Local Address Popularity Report

Local Address CitationAs we have said before, All Business Is Local!  When customers need to find specific products or services, they will search for them within the communities where they live and work.  At SmartFinds, we help you take advantage of this by marketing individual stores, offices, and franchise locations locally.  Part of this process involves syndicating information for each individual store or franchise location out to a wide array of websites and online directories.

Local address citations are validations of the local business, store, or franchise name and address on other websites, even if there is no link to your website.

Other websites are primarily internet yellow page websites, map listing websites, business directories and the like. However, having an address in editorial articles, news releases and other content marketing strategies.

Local address citations not only validate the address, but affect ranking algorithms of the search engines. Certainly the higher number of validation citations that exist the better a local business, store, or franchise location will rank in the local search results.

We use a Popularity Report for Addresses to monitor the popularity of a specific address across the entire internet.  This helps us monitor the number of address citations existing for each local business location within your company which strengthen that location’s search ranking in local searches.  This number should always be increasing.

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