Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is a web service offered by Google that allows users to monitor the indexing status and visibility of their website.

Google Webmaster Tools is Google’s partnership with webmasters. It is the source for website diagnostics, website health and website data that can improve the website’s performance in search results. Webmaster Tools provides insight into how Google interprets your website and shows how well the website is performing across different measurements including:

Search Terms
What keywords are customers using to find your website and how well are you ranked by Google for those terms? Reports include:

  • Keyword ranking reports by location
  • Number of keywords your website is ranked for with Google
  • What keywords your website is ranked for
  • How well your website is ranked for specific keywords (Are you in the top ten?)

Inbound Links
How many places on the web provide a link to your website? These links can come from directories, industry websites, blogs, news release websites, social communities and more. Reports include:

  • Number of inbound links to your website and webpages
  • The quality of those inbound links as determined by Google

Internal Links
How many links do you have within your website? This refers to the way you connect individual webpages through direct links or keyword links within the text.

Internal links help search engines like Google better understand the structure of your website and analyze what subjects and keywords are most relevant on each page. The search engine then uses this information to display the individual page within search results. Internal links also enable the website visitor to more easily navigate your website, guiding them to your main objective.

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