Google Local Activity Reports

Google Local Activity ReportsGoogle Places Local Business Listing Activity statistics allows you to learn more about how the business listings perform in their local surrounding areas. The information shows how users interact with your business listing, which allows us to use these insights to make the business listings more relevant to customers in the surrounding community.

This report monitors how many times the business listing shows up in search results within Google Places and Google+ Local.  It also tells you how which keywords your website or webpages show up for within these searches.

Google Local Activity reports also provide insight into where people are geographically when they conduct these searches.  The report also provides information about how many people ask for driving directions to your location and where they are coming from.  With more and more mobile devices entering the market, many users are now searching for products and services locally while they are out and about, making these reports a useful tool in seeing how well your business locations connect with those mobile customers.

The data segments available from the local activity report includes:

  • Business Listing Impressions
    Local listing impressions indicate the number of times the map listings have been displayed in the search results for a keyword or keyword phrase on Google, Google Maps, and Google Maps Mobile.
  • Local Activity Sources
    Once someone clicks on the map Listing, the actions they take within the listing is recorded and shown as a source of local activity.
  • Local Actions
    The actions indicates the number of searchers who have clicked through to the map listings after viewing it as the search results.
  • Activity
    The activity will show where the impressions and actions are taking place along with providing information on which links the searchers are clicking on and which actions they are taking.
  • Search Terms
    The search queries show under what circumstances map listings appeared, along with the number of times a searcher saw your business listing in the search results for those keywords or keyword phrases.
  • Surrounding City Locations
    Understanding from where searchers found and interacted with your map listing is important when you’re in a competitive metropolitan area to see how far a particular local store, office or franchise location can reach in their area.
  • Driving Requests
    Once the business listing receives enough requests for driving directions, Google will provide a list of the top locations from where local customers asked for the driving directions.

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