Google Adwords Analysis Reports

Google Adwords GraphIn addition to monitoring aspects of your website, marketing content, and social media activity, we also monitor analytics for your Google AdWord campaign. To do this, we use three simple measurement tools including:

  • Clicks – the number of people who click on your ad
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – the amount you pay each time someone clicks on your ad
  • Click through Rate (CTR) – the percentage of people who click on your ad and visit the corresponding website or landing page

Google Adwords Metrics

Additional metrics that are monitored in all Google Adwords Advertising campaigns include:

  • Keyword Quality Scores
    We also monitor and analyze the number of keywords targeted in your campaign and the quality score of each of the terms. This number ranges from 0-10 and refers to the relevance Google’s algorithm has assigned to your website for those keywords. By increasing these quality scores, we can minimize advertising costs and maximize the overall effectiveness of your AdWord campaign.
  • Ad Extensions
    Another aspect of an AdWord campaign that we analyze and monitor is ad extensions. These include phone numbers, addresses, site links, and click-to-call features that enhance your ad.
  • Video Advertising
    For video ads we can track how many impressions a specific ad got, how many people viewed it, how long they viewed it, and whether or not they clicked through the ad to access your website or landing page.

Dealership Campaign Example

Google Adwords Analysis and Interpretation Example

Using a Penske Automotive Group dealership as a small case study with their Google Adwords Advertising campaign you can see a 12-month comparison of key metrics.

Utilizing the same budget of roughly $2000/month we were able to reduce the cost per click from $1.73 to $0.70 and thereby increase the number of clicks from 1,157 to 2,884. With increased visitors you generally see an increase in bounce rate, however, this was able to be maintained indicating the quality of the visitors coming to the website.

These successes only come from marketers who have the ability to lead a strategy based on research, execute the advertising processes, measure the results and then interpret the analysis. We can then properly communicate the interpretation in monthly collaborative meetings.

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