Content Marketing Popularity Reports

Content Marketing Popularity ReportWe track every piece of content that is distributed to determine how well it is performing.  We can trace how many times each particular article appears on the internet and monitor the progress it makes as it is distributed to more and more locations each month.

Content Marketing success is not an overnight phenomenon regardless of any quick scheme marketing techniques. It is more likely, the results will be a slow, steady climb to show brand influence, visibility, credibility, and recognition.

Content marketing was started when companies started to distribute their editorial articles, news releases, press releases, documents, and videos. The process of this form of brand marketing was further validated when the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) was founded by Joe Pulizzi, a ardent supporter of this new brand marketing process.

Joe, an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on content marketing, believes passionately that there is a better way for brands to market than how they’ve done it in the past. Content marketing is a culmination of those beliefs and the early adoption of new brand marketing theories, ideas and processes.

Your company’s brand strategy is how to whom the marketing strategy communicates and delivers on your company’s brand messages. The distribution channels are part of the brand strategy along with visual and verbal communications.

Measuring the brand marketing strategy through content marketing is much easily completed with web marketing than older traditional forms of print (e.g. press releases, magazine articles). We can measure exactly how many web pages have picked up the content, who they are and if the distribution process shows up in the search engine results.

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